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Olivia Lunny

Buzzing Canadian singer-songwriter Olivia Lunny drops new single “Hold Me”, Listen via Substream Magazine

Canadian singer-songwriter Olivia Lunny is no stranger to hard work. She began playing guitar at and early age with some encouragement from her father which then progressed in to early song writing at the age of 12. Since then Olivia has been developing her craft via co-writes, live performances and studio work. I had the […]

Olivia Lunny

Olivia Lunny on New Music To Know: Bops For Every Mood You Can Think Of – Refinery 29

You might think that feeling lonely goes away when you’re in a relationship, but the story that unfolds in Olivia Lunny’s “Hold Me” reminds us that loneliness can happen even if you think you’ve found the one. Alexa, turn down the lights — I want to cry in the dark.

Olivia Lunny

Listen to Olivia Lunny’s “Hold Me” on Talk About Pop Music’s Playlist – “The Scanner”

Although our New Music Friday playlist is loved and followed by almost everyone on the planet, it does include nearly every new song released on that date.What if we had a playlist that just showed us new releases of artists we love? Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce you to ‘The Scanner’. It will scan […]


Olivia Lunny

Watch Olivia Lunny’s music video for ‘Hold Me’ On CSGM

Because you can call me a fool for calling you back.

Tom Boy

Hear Tom Boy’s – ‘Thunder’ on Music Is my Life

Toronto-based pop singer Tom Boy has given us something really inspiring to get us through the week with his track, ‘Thunder’.

Tom Boy

Take a Listen to Tom Boy’s “Thunder” on The Alternative Nation

Listen: Tom Boy – Thunder