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Highlight Magazine shares Arkells’ “Quitting You” video

Arkells have released a video for “Quitting You,” off of their new release Campfire Chords. Campfire Chords features 17 stripped back versions of Arkells’ most beloved songs along with “Quitting You.”

Arkells release new project “Campfire Chords” Listen now on Canadian Beats

Today, Arkells unveil Campfire Chords, a stripped back collection featuring 17 of their most beloved songs plus brand new single “Quitting You.“

Album Review: Arkells – Campfire Chords on High Fives & Stage Dives

Campfire Chords is a stripped-back collection of Arkells’ most beloved songs and marks the band’s first full-length presentation of this side of their music. Whilst Arkells were busy recording their next studio album, the pandemic hit and locked us all inside. So the band went back to their roots, reinterpreting past material and rediscovering the […]


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It has been over a year since Emi Jeen was last covered on Eat This Music, at that time she released a single titled ‘West of the Blue’, so what better time than ever to cover her again, with the release of her latest single, ‘Runaway’, a song that Emi created to serve as a […]

Skope Magazine shares new track from Emi Jeen

“When I first began to write the lyrics for this song, I was in LA and just wanted to escape reality. I wasn’t comfortable in my current situation, having so many disappointments fighting the music business for the last 10 years. I often feel so different when I’m in another country and feel like there’s […]

New Music Spotlight with Emi Jeen on The Reviews Are In

 Emi Jeen says she started writing the lyrics to Runaway in a moment of wanting to escape reality. Two years later she went back to the song and finished it as an expression of those feelings. The Montreal pop artist adds, “It’s okay to start all over again and to take risks. I hope Runaway serves […]

Listen to ‘Runaway’ by Emi Jeen on Bluesbunny

The mainstream used to be a happy place to be but not today and, with “Runaway”, Emi Jeen duly gives us a soundtrack to accompany the voices lost in the crowd. It’s an empty plastic world we live in and she knows it.

Pause & Play Shares WAYLEY on their New Songs: The Emerging Artist Edition

Waiting for You, Wayley

Second Society Report Lists “Waiting For You” by Wayley as a Hot Single

Full of light, almost beach-y vibes, the track is a pop song at its roots, but features a bit of a twist byway of the additional sounds of trumpet played by Troy Dowding and cello played by Laura Jones. With the addition of mandolin and ukulele played by Wayley, the instrumental elements of the song […]