S.K. Wellington on She Makes Music



S.K. Wellington is a Calgary based Folk/rock singer-songwriter. Acoustically driven with relatable themes and catchy hooks. Formerly The Wellington Folk. S.K. Wellington had this to say about her latest single: “‘Like a Ghost’ came to me following the loss of a significant relationship. It would have made for an epic country song (they took the dog and all!) but I decided to go in a different direction. I was so broken that all of my inhibitions and fears about music, arranging, and producing, went right out the window. I needed to pursue this radically different process and new sound for my own healing and passion. I’ve realized that a relationship ending in a tough way doesn’t always have to result in anger and resentment. You can allow that powerless feeling, the intense hurt and the grief, to soften you. I found a lot of compassion for both myself and the other, as I fell apart and then started to build my life back up again. There can be a balance while adjusting to a new normal.”




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