Your ex and I


Montreal’s provocatively-entitled Your ex and I captures the sounds of the original British invasion and later post-punk artists in their eagerly-awaited EP to be released early in 2023. The creative chemistry between the five musically experienced members shines, acknowledging influences such as The Beatles, The Police, The Pixies, and Arctic Monkeys.

The result is a tasty mix of melody and muscle that is dark yet danceable, polished yet never too slick. The combination of ‘80’s synth lines, fat bass hooks, driving indie rock guitars, and the skilful use of both vintage analog and modern instruments and recording gear is an irresistible one.

Your ex and I’s debut single “For All the Loves” has received international airplay and acclaim. Opening with insistent piano, the dynamic cut integrates interlocking synths and guitars that give it an ‘80s British synth-rock feel, while the dramatic vocals convey a narrative exploring the end of an affair.

Their follow up single “If You’d Only” explores darker themes of lust, fantasy and expectation while never losing sight of their signature sound.

“Heartbreaker by Design” is Your ex and I at their most vulnerable in a harrowing tale of jealousy, gaslighting and infidelity.




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