VIOLET NIGHT don’t just play their instruments; they use them as tools to carefully construct emotion. Hailing from Toronto, ON, the band aims to traverse soundscapes as diverse as their province’s landscapes.

New EP daydream drama follows the smash success of sophomore LP A N T I H E R O E S and sees VIOLET NIGHT rising on the waves of singles “Headtrip” and “SAVE ME.” Surrounding these tracks are three others that show the trio’s ever-increasing mastery of hooks, from the emotionally distant “daydream drama” to the downward spiral of “losing my mind.”

Extensive touring in the U.S., along with countless Canadian concerts have proven VIOLET NIGHT’s charisma belongs on the stage, as much as their creativity belongs in the studio. With the floodgates of possibility opened and waves already forming, be prepared to lose yourself in daydream drama and in VIOLET NIGHT.




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