Velvet Beach


Velvet Beach are an independent band from Toronto. Originally formed by members of Newcomer, Matias Gutierrez and Martin Camara were then joined by Sean Stover (Silus, The Honeycomb Flyers), Suhail Othman (Per Su) and Meagan Aversa. Fusing a wide range of sonic elements with emotive lyrics, the band arrives at a unique sound through each member.

Velvet Beach have been on an upward trajectory since their debut single release this past September. They were honored to be a part of Exclaim’s Class of 2023 show in January and are excited to finally release their debut album “The Dream”. A culmination of nearly 3 years of work, “The Dream” showcases the eclectic mix of dream pop and shoe gaze that has come to define Velvet Beach’s live sound so far. Of particular note is Uncertainty, a driving yet ethereal ballad that pushes the bounds of Velvet Beach’s songwriting so far.

On March 18th, Velvet Beach will be performing at Longboat Hall for their album release show. Stay tuned for future releases, including live recordings of the Class of 2023 show as well as live off the floor recordings of some the album’s best songs.




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