Tristan Rene


Tristan Rene is a sonic whisperer. A conjurer of ethereal melodies grasped from the collective consciousness, brought forth in a singular voice that’s at once reverent and deeply resonant.

It’s the voice of world, channeled through Rene’s vast origins. Born in Montana to a Jewish West Indian mother and a Mallorcan father, he was raised in Washington D.C. before making his way to Montreal, drawn to the city’s poetic energy and gothic aesthetic.

With innate talent channeled through a fervent appreciation of art rock and psychedelic combos, including Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Fleet Foxes, Tame Impala, Sacred Souls and Half Moon Run, Rene delivers his own brand of indie-folk psychedelia, anchored by that unmistakable vocal approach.

The results are an unmistakable musical realness. The sound of an artist perpetually seeking truth and delivering that curiosity through a fervent fire of the soul.




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