The Tuesday Nighters


The Tuesday Nighters are a Canadian rock n’ roll band with a spirit found on the dance floors of downtown Toronto, and a soul in the small towns and countryside of Northern Ontario. With many songs and riffs of theirs found in movies and tv shows all over the Canadian media landscape, Franco Goldman and the boys of Tuesday Night felt it was finally time to share their music with the world.

With the core of the band coming together initially as far back as 2010 in Hamilton, Ontario, the lads have been working to score and create music in Canadian media for many years. Working through a variety of genres within the music industry, The Tuesday Nighters feel like they’ve really found a rock n’ roll sound that speaks to their souls.

With much of their music slated to come out throughout the next 18 months both as singles and apart of film and tv series’, it’s an exciting time to make rock music that is evergreen and timeless.




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