The Out Seer


The Out Seer, an alt-rock band hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, was formed by guitarist Ashley Pearce as a creative outlet among friends. Their focus lies in crafting original compositions that resonate both with themselves and their audience. With Amanda Chan, Davis Yates, Lachlan Tocher, and Aybars Savat rounding out the lineup, each member contributes their unique musical style to the band’s eclectic sound.

Rooted in a shared commitment to musical growth and exploration, The Out Seer’s journey is marked by a dedication to creating music that is both enjoyable to perform and engaging for listeners. Drawing from their educational backgrounds, which include diplomas from Selkirk College’s Contemporary Music & Technology Program and a Bachelor of Music from UBC, the band merges technical proficiency with a genuine passion for creativity. Whether they’re rehearsing at Apricot Music Studios or performing across British Columbia, authenticity remains at the core of their musical identity.




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