The Hood


Creating one of this fall’s most anticipated original drama series, Julien Christian Lutz aka Director X unveils the original soundtrack for Robyn Hood, with the release of “Run This Hood” by The Hood (ft. Tia Bank$, SLM, Bouff). Available today via Wax Records, the pulsing track opens the series’ first episode, hooking the audience and setting the dark, dramatic tone of the original scripted series, premiering tonight at 10pm ET/PT only on Global and STACKTV.

Featuring the vocals of Canadian rappers Tia Bank$, SLM, and Bouff, The Hood is a fictional hip-hop group at the centre of the Robyn Hood series. “Run This Hood” is the first of three original tracks that back the modern adaptation of the classic tale that Julien Christian Lutz pka Director X has spent nearly a decade bringing to life. With an impactful soundtrack that continues to push the show’s gripping commentary of today’s social climate, Robyn Hood breaks ground in a way that has yet to be seen in the realm of Canadian television.

“When I was growing up it was unthinkable that a show like this would on television,” he shares. “A black cast wearing costumes and doing hero business, that doesn’t focus on the ‘struggle’ but is a fun action adventure show that just so happens to have a black cast.”

The eight-episode, one-hour contemporary re-imagining of the Robin Hood legend follows fearless heroine Robyn Loxley and anti-authoritarian masked hip-hop band, The Hood, as they call out injustices and fight for freedom and equality in the city of New Nottingham.

Handpicked by Julien Christian Lutz pka Director X himself, “Run This Hood” was written by Davi Alexandre Magalhaes de Almeida and Nick Jarjour, and produced by Ryan Stewart and Jamie Appleby.

An inductee of Canada’s Walk of Fame, the country’s crowning jewel of excellence and achievement, Julien is one of the most iconic music video directors of our time, known for his work with Drake, Rihanna, Rosalia, Kendrick Lamar, and Kanye West, to name a few. As a filmmaker, Julien debuted his first Sony studio feature film, Superfly, produced by the legendary Joel Silver. This past summer Julien worked as Creator, Showrunner and Executive Producer of his first original TV series Robyn Hood. As an artist, Julien has created art installations for Toronto’s Nuit Blanche: Death of The Sun, also featured in Drake’s Boy Meets World European tour and Life of The Earth, in collaboration with the Ontario Science Center.

In addition, Julien uses his platform for social change and founded Operation Prefrontal Cortex, an initiative created to reduce Toronto’s gun violence through mindfulness and meditation. A highly intelligent speaker, Julien shares his point of view on creativity, innovation, wellness, and community and how bettering ourselves and those around us is the way to ensure a more peaceful, compassionate world.

Robyn Hood follows Robyn Loxley, a young woman whose masked hip-hop band, The Hood, is known for their inventive videos and anti-authoritarian message. She lives in Sherwood Towers, a community of rental high-rises in a working-class corner of New Nottingham, where the cost of living has skyrocketed, leaving an ever-widening gap between the rich and everyone else.

When Robyn finds herself fighting for her home and her family against local property developer John Prince and The Sheriff of New Nottingham, Robyn and her band The Hood decide to fight back, righting the wrongs of the corrupt elite to give back to the people.




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