The Franklin Electric


Since emerging in 2014 with their debut album This Is How I Let You Down, The Franklin Electric (TFE) have logged over 400 shows, canvassing the world alongside artists such as Mumford & Sons, Ben Howard, Half Moon Run and City and Colour before headlining their very own tours around the world. Along the way, their 2017 album Blue Ceilings marked a major milestone, leading to a nomination at the 2018 JUNO® awards in the category of “Breakthrough Group of the Year.” Building on this momentum, TFE released their full-length LP In Your Head / In Your Heart in 2020, accumulating over 4 million streams of the title track “In Your Heart” alone. The group then released the EP Never Look Back, and full-length album This Time I See It in 2021.

2022 began with a steady release of five singles: “Borderline,” “Answers,” “Rabbit Hole,” “Lesser Of The Worst,” “A Token Of Your Purpose.” Led by the heartfelt folk anthem “Answers,” the group saw monthly listeners triple in the last 6 months. This release cycle helped refresh the group’s success in their backyard of Quebec, while broadening their reach internationally.

On the next single “Call Me,” Jon feels at home, finding his way back to an extremely open and vulnerable place with acoustic-based instrumentation and raw, honest lyrics. The song was written in a small coastal town in Nayarit, Mexico, as a live improv jam recorded on his phone, and then produced at his home studio just outside Montreal.
Jon states “It felt easy and honest.” He goes on to say, “I feel I’ve reached the point that I can now make the music I want to make freely and say the things that are closest to me. “Call Me” is about the ideas we’ve created about ourselves or others have created about us. I’ve seen many versions of myself come and go and I’m now able to let go and share them as if it was just another story.”

The single is accompanied by a breathtaking music video filmed while Jon was traveling around Portugal. The video captures gentle moments of a mother’s love, portraits of local fishermen and lifestyles, and sceneries of Portuguese coastlines.

Franklin is poised for the next chapter with a full length album set to release this year. Tour dates to be announced in the coming weeks.




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