The Crowleys


Throughout their years together The Crowleys have focused on building a danceable set through a Venn diagram of inspiration from 60s rock, 80s pop and modern psychedelia. Peppered throughout their music is a driving and crunchy rhythm, distinctive synth warble, diverse vocals, and mind-melty pedalporn guitar. Each member of the band brings their own musical interests and expertise to the table in a collaborative songwriting process. The finished product, underscored by Wylie’s consistent and distinctive production style, is a high energy psych-pop soundtrack steeped in nostalgia.

Hailing from Hamilton, Canada, The Crowleys consist of Cohen Wylie (guitar, vocals, production), Stuart Downie (drums, vocals), Giuliana Frontini (vocals) and brothers Justyn (synth, guitar) and Collin Horlick (bass, bass synth). Wylie, Downie and the Horlicks have been playing together for over a decade since bonding over music in high school. They built a foundation in kaleidoscopic psych-rock that led to stage rattling live shows across the GTA. With the addition of Frontini in 2019, the band naturally evolved to focus on more melodically forward psychedelic pop songs.

These songs were born out of a group of friends simply getting together to show each other the new ditty they had come up with. These grew into a collection of songs that are being released in the form of the groups debut full length LP, titled Strange Seasons. The album attempts to put the strangeness of the world into words and melody.




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