The Beach Bats


The Beach Bats was formed in the hazy summer of 2016 by guitarist Chelsea White and bassist/vocalist Tony Doni in Hamilton, Ontario. The two had performed together for years in Hamilton psych-rock outfit Pluto Adrift and decided to use a hiatus to explore sounds farther afield. Originally influenced by rockabilly and punk a la The Cramps and Reverend Horton Heat, the Bats began to branch into jazz, country, noise rock and often found themselves returning to their psychedelic roots. Over the years, they have performed with a variety of musicians extensively throughout Southern Ontario and Quebec. In 2018, drummer Gabriel Bitti joined the group and brought a fresh, more technical dimension to the band’s performances.

On their debut full-length offering, Last Resort (2019), The Beach Bats pushed their sonic limits and engaged audiences with lush arrangements, vocal dexterity and innovative guitar playing indicative of their relentless work ethic. The Beach Bats now prepare for the release of their sophomore LP Limbo on August 4th, 2023. This new record shows the group exploring a more stripped back sound, with bedtracks recorded live off the floor at their homebase, Boxcar Studios in Hamilton. These sparser arrangements provide the necessary space for the band to showcase chops honed over many years of performing together. However, the album provides plenty of variety as well with songs veering from one style to another at a moments notice. Vocals change from crooning to screaming, keyboards and synths poke out of the darkness, guitars create equal measures order and chaos, but the band is in absolute control of the vessel at all times. Limbo is a study in variety and how much can be squeezed out of 7 songs and 3 musicians.




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