TEETH are frontman Blake Prince (Anniversary, Straight Reads The Line), guitarist Chris LeMasters (ex-Dead And Divine, Hundred Suns) and drummer Davis Maxwell (Heavy Hearts, Kawthra). One look at the debut single “Filth” and it’s readily apparent that these guys know how to send psychic shrapnel through a room. Prince has the ability to roar so scarily, it will turn your blood into Freon, and of course LeMasters and Leger bring the necessary octane booster to propel the whole friggin’ operation to tear a hole into the sky.

TEETH are a highly combustible device who don’t keep the bar high as much as they rip it off the wall and mete out some justice with it. Their debut, DIY, yet-to-be-titled EP is slated for release next year. The band will also be playing their first live shows for maximum devastation in 2021. Until then, sprain some vertebrae banging your head to their singles.




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