TAYLR is a self taught musician and singer-songwriter based in Moh’kins’tsis (Calgary, Alberta) that has the control and skill of a trained vocalist while maintaining the warmth and fun-loving nature of their inner child. TAYLR is no stranger to self reflection and deep internal exploration that bold, technicolor songwriting is born from.

Taking bits and pieces of R&B, jazz, folk, and indie pop, “the thinking person’s songwriter” succeeds in creating hearty melodic recipes in which you can taste the earnestness in every spoonful.

Driven by what makes a good song great, TAYLR has been writing with and for artists such as Ellen Doty, Kate Stevens, Hayden McHugh and has founded the projects KODAE (est. 2019 / neo soul, experimental), Dear Friend (est. 2020 / 70s style indie pop) and Layla June (est. 2023 / soulful folk). Over the years TAYLR has had the pleasure of performing alongside artists such as JJ Shiplett, Ellen Doty, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Jon Bryant, Ocie Elliot and Wyatt C. Louis. TAYLR enjoys creating friendships and thoughtful relations to create the best possible experience of music – as therapy, as catharsis, as closeness.

Whether TAYLR is playing a small intimate acoustic show, or a festival stage, the spirit of authenticity can be found in every note and lyric sung, reflecting the core of TAYLR’s writing; connection and love.




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