Tara Van


Tara Van is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter who was born to pour her heart out into music. Her genre-eluding sound finds roots in her first loves: soul, folk, pop, and jazz. Tara Van’s life has been steeped in music. Her life sounds like: choral baroque music over breakfast, loitering in the parking lot when the song hits too hard to deny belting out the last notes, or firelit open-mics where guitars seem to appear out of nowhere as loved one’s take turns bearing their soul. Tara Van’s vibe is: unapologetic day-dreamer. From the age of four, she would often be found up a tree somewhere with a goofy thousand-yard stare, scribbling into her songbook. Her school years were marked by the scars of bullying. She finally found her home in art school, her so-called ‘Island of Lost Toys’, where she would find belonging amongst the other misfits. Tara Van’s work gives glimpses of her internal world. She is generous in her self-disclosure. As a textbook ADHD oversharer, you can feel her weather report: sun-soaked, overcast, stormy etc. She lets herself express the mess. Her approach is as gutsy and bold as it is tender and vulnerable. Tara Van will be songwriting, singing and performing, no matter who might be there to listen. Songs are her love language. Whether jamming solo, in studio, or collaborating with her band, the music courses through her and she receives it. She writes her heartbreak, both to settle the score with herself, and for all those whose daydreams have been clouded by hurt. The magical thinking that set her apart early on never left her side. Guided by the poetic cycles of wilting, falling, rooting, rising and blooming, her first studio album ‘RISE’ was born in 2023. Tara Van has a sweet spot for Bubblegum Rock and Dreampop that is fueling her latest studio productions. Her latest single, ‘Sunshine’s Calling’, is an uplifting bass-driven pop-anthem about finding the answers to questions you had long since stopped asking—due for release this spring 2024. Tara Van has been selected by International Pop Overthrow Festival (Liverpool chapter) and is off to Europe spring 2024 to make her international debut at The Cavern Club, legendary home of The Beatles. She’s inviting you in. Listen to her diary with care. It’s best enjoyed by an open heart.




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