Raised in Toronto, Canada, Sylo’s (formerly Sylo Nozra) take on R&B is inspired by his environment. He was born into a Korean family with religious roots. This inspired him to sing as a child in church services, leading him to learn several instruments at once. Sylo’s musical talents were further enhanced by his older sister who played ’90s R&B and hip-hop to full effect. Once he learned how to apply his inspirations onto his own productions, he became driven to write and perform his own songs for the world. Sylo has now become known for his silky chill records that were created in his own bedroom studio. The work has received global recognition, charting virally on both Spotify and Apple. Additionally his songwriting skills have placed him in studios amongst Grammy-winning/nominated songwriters in Los Angeles, London and Toronto. Sylo Nozra’s debut album will be released in August 2020.




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