Sunshine Express


Experimentation is the soul of Sunshine Express, one of the most prolific bands to emerge from Niagara’s fast-growing alternative scene. MattUU (vocals & guitar), JassChau (sampler), & AidanR (bass) embody an unorthodox pioneering spirit, with colourful songs, striking visuals, & a dazzling, electronic approach to rock ‘n’ roll.

S.EX began as a recording project, fusing rock instrumentation with auto-tune, ambient guitar, & MPC sampling. For early shows & releases, MattUU drew influence from Oneohtrix Point Never, Oasis, Daft Punk, The Stone Roses, Ride, Nirvana, J Dilla, & Radiohead, exploring futuristic sounds that wayfared into the realms of plunderphonics, shoegaze, & glam.

With the additions of JassChau & AidanR, S.EX graduated to a living, breathing band. The group tracked live-off-the-floor for their 2023 single I LUV SEX, aiming to capture (rather than manufacture) galvanizing, rock ‘n’ roll dynamism. This was followed by an unplugged-style acoustic album, Live in Welland, recorded impromptu at a benefit concert.

On UNSHINE, Sunshine Express’ audacious new single, the band further embraces their affinity for live recording, pushing spontaneity and experimentation to the max. MattUU delivers dry-humour nihilism—first slow, then fast, then faster—with anthemic zeal. An icy, warped piano cuts through a turbulent rock instrumental—first frenetic, then dizzying, then kaleidoscopic. The ambient b-side, (Intermission), takes a sharp left turn, sending off with an unexpected, freeform jazz punch.

In the age of laptop mixes, algorithmic niches, & lonely doomscrollers, S.EX is spearheading—and invites you to join—an alternative charge; venturing outside the box, fusing genres, & championing the chaotic, communal spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.

The band are co-founders of ROUTINE EXPLOITS, an underground label whose roster includes rock & electronic artists like August, Yours Truly, The Ferns, Days On Parade, & more.




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