Sunshine Express


At the centre of Niagara’s new alternative scene, Sunshine Express are a shining force of urgent, electric energy: rock ‘n’ roll with an expressive, experimental edge.

Early iterations of the group saw songwriter MattUU exploring a ‘post-vaporwave’ style, drawing influence from lo-fi, plunderphonics, and ambient music. From 2019-2022, S.EX lacked a permanent lineup yet produced two albums, released a handful of video projects, and gigged throughout Ontario.

By late 2022, S.EX had a core membership and signature sound: MattUU’s auto-tuned vocals and ambient guitar, JassChau’s in-your-face AKAI sampler, and Aidan R’s effect-heavy bass. The trio became further recognizable for distinct visuals: black lights, face paint, and tape projections, all glistening in a new space-age aura.

In early 2023, S.EX’s hometown, St. Catharines, known for its a hardcore scene, saw a musical rebirth. With help from the band’s label ROUTINE EXPLOITS, alternative shows became increasingly popular. S.EX played prominent sets at sold-out DIY festivals like CHUB FEST and CROSS-POLLINATION. Diehard S.EX fans formed the ‘Musical Militia’, an integral part of a new, ascendant local subculture.

In May, frontman MattUU released S_Ex Demos 1, a solo singer-songwriter take on the band’s work and a nod to minimalist influences like Robert Johnson, Erik Satie, and Sufjan Stevens.

I LUV SEX, the band’s most recent release, captures the group’s dynamic approach to performance and experimental style.




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