Growing up on Cape Breton Island on Nova Scotia, sunsetto (aka Kyle Mischiek) split his time between music and skateboarding, and cultivated a community through both. After trying (and quitting) guitar and piano lessons, he started to rap and make beats in high school. Honing his pen, he attended several songwriting camps hosted by GRAMMY® and JUNO Award-winning songwriter Gordie Sampson (Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban).

During 2020, he shared a snippet of his single “don’t leave” on Instagram and organically amassed hundreds of thousands of streams. He followed up the initial viral buzz with more singles like “good connection” and “downtown.”

While his sound is full-on forward-thinking pop—pulling from an all-over-the-map list of genres such as dance, rap, R&B and modern country—his lyrical themes dip and twist from the joyful to the profound.

Few musical artists have the ability to capture today’s zeitgeist the way sunsetto does. The first of many new singles in the upcoming year, “PLANS” is a testament to how much he has his finger on the pulse and the heart of a new generation of pop fans. More than a bittersweet fire starter of a hit—it also lays the foundation of sunsetto’s emotionally-charged next chapter in music. Stay tuned for more from sunsetto this year.




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