Sun Junkies


Sun Junkies are a 4-piece band from Brantford, Ontario. In 2018, the band formed freshly out of high school with the sole intention of playing as many shows as possible. Cutting their teeth in the Southern Ontario indie scene, as well as touring the USA and Canada’s east coasts, the four best friends have had plenty of time to hone their songwriting abilities and become a strong unit. Over the course of almost 5 years, Sun Junkies have self recorded and released a full length LP, a 7 track EP as well as various singles.

Having just finished recording their magnum opus: “Parachuting”, the band’s sound and image are more realized than ever before. Sun Junkies’ sophomore LP discusses the toxic nature of overindulging in nostalgia, the existential dread that comes with measurable time, and the insane pressure of trying to make the most fleeting youth. Although it’s mainly about time, “Parachuting” has many other recurring themes and deals with topics like; the soul crushing monotony of the 40 hour work week as well as the coping mechanisms and anxiety that come with such a mundane reality. Featuring an orchestral arrangement of pianos, violins and horns juxtaposed with growling feedback and distorted guitars, these songs will (hopefully) make you feel like you’re unreasonably sad at the most debaucherous party you’ve ever been to.

Blending the fast, melody-forward nature of modern indie with the raw feeling and emotion of punk and emo music, the band brings forth a fresh and versatile sound. With an almost masochistic dedication to the tried-and-true ethics of DIY, Sun Junkies record, produce, and mix their own material. They spend their remaining hours honing the craft of their explosively fun live performances, turning every crowd into a dance floor or a mosh pit. You do not want to miss out on the experience that is Sun Junkies.




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