Introducing indie-pop artist, stardrop, a creative force from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Fueled by big feelings and a self-love quest, stardrop is using the power of music to rewrite her narrative and explore a new way of existing in the world.

stardrop has captured hearts and playlists across Spotify and Amazon Music with her hit singles “Ain’t Good For Me” and “Liquifying”, and is now releasing her debut pop album “I Feel Everything,” produced by Tennyson King and Dan Hosh. The album showcases a collection of catchy, soulful self-love anthems that celebrate femininity, authenticity, and resilience.

Beyond the music, stardrop’s artistic expression extends to visually aesthetic, character-driven music videos. Created in collaboration with Scott MacKay, stardrop’s music videos add a unique and visual dimension to the music. The official music video for “Crown On,” directed, produced, and starring stardrop, encapsulates the essence of stardrop’s creativity. The video has accumulated over 12K views on YouTube and was featured on various blogs worldwide.

With her charmingly raw vocals and empowering lyrics, stardrop’s songs and music videos grant us all permission to be unapologetically ourselves. From moody soul-soothers to catchy, feel-good bops, stardrop’s music is a portal to your inner badass.




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