Stanley Merent (born May 3, 1996), known professionally as Slae (stylized as SLAE), is a Haitian-Canadian singer and songwriter.

Merent was born to a Haitian household, both parents born in Haiti and came to Canada to provide a better education for their children. He was amazed by the music played by his parents, which is Kompa/Zouk but mostly inspired by his older brother’s music which is R&B, Hip-hop, Afrobeat and Dancehall. The artists that inspired the most were Chris Brown, Usher and Jason Derulo.

Having made electronic-infused R&B, Afrobeat and Pop under his real name Stanley Merent (2018), He decided to change his name to SLAE at the end of the year (2018). His first project, Pink Flames Extended, was released on April 17, 2020. That project streamed 128,077+ times. His second project, Kvrma Deluxe, was released on June 18, 2021. That project streamed 330,578 times. He started to get known across the world with the single “Pvris” (2021). The most streamed song on the project with 270,437+ streams. Stanley Merent signed his first music distribution deal with Symphonic Distribution Inc. as a singer/songwriter, under the name SLAE on February 16, 2023. His first single after the deal, “Location,” featured Chino Wawa and Naida, was released on March 31, 2023.




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