Silvertone Hills


Silvertone Hills do indie-rock the way you wish it still was—earnest, tenacious, and unpretentious. From Hamilton, Ontario, the five-piece fuses memorable melodies with jangling guitars and energetic grooves. In the Hills, late ‘60s pop influence meets the sonic textures of modern rock, harmonizing into something innovative yet familiar, like meeting a new friend with an old soul.

Returning with their heaviest single to date, WDYTMF arrives June 23rd. With a powerful chanting hook over Stones-esque riffs, the song begs for communal belting and fists held high. The usual suspects of O’Sullivan’s gritty melodies soar high on top of the band’s rock-solid rhythmic pulse, only relenting for a brief psychedelic interlude of Fab Four “ou’s” and piano. Lyrically the song deals with breaking free of hangers-on, and closing the door behind you with an exclamation point.

This marks the second single from their upcoming debut LP, following “Stubborn Lovers,” which garnered them 3 sold-out crowds on a 10-stop tour through Ontario and Quebec. Produced by Zach Gerber (Walk off the Earth, USS), the LP “Limits,” represents Silvertone Hills’ most eclectic material. Set for release this October, the band are not so patiently queueing up fresh electric melodies for the rock masses.

To date, Silvertone Hills have released 2 EPs, 4 singles and rocked the stages of iconic institutions like The Horseshoe Tavern and Lee’s Palace. With a back catalogue featured on over 300 Spotify playlists, the Hills aim to continue the upward momentum that has garnered them such praise as “Echoing early Oasis in the vocals…a rip-roaring adventure through riffing guitars and melodies” (Pastel Wasteland), and “The heady dynamics of The Kinks amalgamated with the contemporary pop flavors of The Killers, with dollops of cerebral R.E.M. tossed in for good measure” (Rawckus).

Leading national blog Canadian Beats suggests “Start listening to Silvertone Hills so you can be one of those ‘I heard them before they made it big’ listeners,” and now is the time.




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