shn shn


shn shn is an electronic experimental pop artists who ventures into the realm of production and soundscapes, immersing herself in the exploration of sonic textures and emotional landscapes. Their music sounds like a blend of lush vocals, meditative beats, and swelling pads, to craft cinematic-inspired music that transcends conventional boundaries.

Creating from a space of curiosity, contemplation and care, they question the nature of existence in this bizarre, absurd and exciting world. shn shn has self-released 3 EPs: structura (2020), e.strange.d (2021) and Form(s) (2023). Through her work, she seeks to ignite movement and spark introspection, inviting listeners on a transformative journey of self-discovery and affirmation.

shn shn in the process of releasing her self-produced, full-length debut album ‘Serpent’s Skin’ in fall of 2024. They explore the central themes of transformation and acceptance through playing with duality, place, emotion, texture, tempo, repetition and layers: creating a space that feels safe to inhabit and explore all parts of her identity (especially within Blackness and Queerness) that are fluid, joyful, challenging – the full range of emotions that we experience as we are present with ourselves. This album sonically gathers lush pads, dense vocal harmonies, live instruments, rhythmic percussion and spoken word. The first single Glimmer being released April 26.

shn shn continues to expand her practice by providing music for dance performance, films, promotional material, theater, as well as being commissioned to remix other artists’ work.




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