shn shn


shn shn is a queer Black electronic producer, singer-songwriter and creator. She released her debut self-released, self-produced EP in October 2020 called sturctura. Her music is an ever changing experience, bending genre as she brings experimental elements into her practice. Her work allows exploration, contemplation, reckoning with duality (and the space in between).

The sounds are pulsing and meditative using midi and live instruments, samples and her voice. She mixes ambient electronic music, with her lush folksy vocals, dense harmonies creating cinematic soundscapes.

shn shn plans to release her follow up EP, e.strange.d. This album is about being untethered and the full gamut of emotions that encompasses: the strangeness, liberation, fear of the unknown. This project revolves around themes of duality: darkness/lightness, Insular/expansive, longing, and growth. It features the singles: “maladaptive daydreams,” “taking time,” and “divine.”




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