Pop-oriented R&B singer and songwriter Shalli, exudes an authentic story-telling talent that conveys both vulnerability, and strength. Born in Toronto, Canada from Dominican and Jamaican parents, she began composing music at the age 14.

Her unique and powerful voice has captivated the hearts and minds of countless souls worldwide. After building a local following, Shalli went on to tour internationally performing at festivals and concert halls throughout the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Before the end of the tour, The Boxing Day Tsunami, believed to be the deadliest in history, hit Shalli’s hotel in Thailand. It’s a miracle that she wasn’t severely injured. After such a traumatic experience, Shalli’s outlook on life had completely changed, which drove her deeper into song writing.

Shalli has had success releasing 2 albums ‘First Born’ and ‘Then Now’ as well as many singles. She is most known for her genre blending, commanding performances and connecting with a variety of audiences.

“I feel like the best music is created when I am free and not bound by genre. Blending all the best together to make an epic masterpiece.”

Whether it’s through her timeless music, unfiltered conversations, or being an advocate for cultural awareness, Shalli continues to create art inspired by the world around her.




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