With a lustrous r&b infused jazz sound, songwriter and performing artist Seyblu represents a diverse femme community with a fierce fashion sense and enchanting live show. Having grown up amongst professional classical relatives, Seyblu went out on a limb to pursue jazz in her teens, which led her to discover the great r&b masters of the past. Since then, she’s been building a memorable sound of her own that weaves dreamy jazz chords with intimate songwriting and whimsical vocals to create a fresh shimmering r&b sound.

Growing up in a small town in Ontario created a wave of passion to create a space for all womxn, LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities to thrive. With a charismatic personality on and off stage, Seyblu has regularly hosted performances in Toronto to feature local artists and musicians, further solidifying her reputation as a community builder.

On her upcoming 2021 EP, Silk Sessions, Seyblu embarked on a cabin retreat in her hometown with producer SLWJMZ (Saukrates, Clear Mortifee, Boy Pape). Complete with a wilderness soundscape of birds, insects, and rain as the backdrop, Seyblu brings romantic imagery to life through vulnerable lyrics, sultry r&b melodies, and sparkly vocal layers. The EP touches on a long-distance relationship, longing, loneliness, heartache and love realized, as we follow her whimsical melodies through each story. Her raw acoustic instrumentation creates a feeling that the band is carrying her every word.




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