The basis of Saxsyndrum is just that: saxophone, synthesis and drums. Born out of the galvanizing spirit of the Montreal underground, their unabashed groove-centric music blends the energy of dance with the immediacy of pop and the lucidity of experimental drone.

On their sophomore album, Second Nature, the group strived to capture their hybrid experimental pop sound on record. What results is a lush album filled with deconstructed pop, deep grooves, enigmatic live-processing and cathartic ambience – all while never straying far from what they achieve live.

And ultimately, it’s live where the group shines. The trio of sax, drums and vocals puts forth a candid energy that comes from there sincere appreciation of live performance. They are known for bringing emotion and energy to every concert and for continuously pushing the possible realms of their instruments. Catch them in their element having a whole lot of fun as they unveil their new album, Second Nature, out on So Sorry Records in April 2019.





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