Sam Casey


So, who the fuck is Sam Casey?

It doesn’t take long to figure that out. This Torontobased songstress wears her authenticity like your favourite pair of wellworn jeans. Exhausted by people trying to tell her who she is, Casey’s response was her new EP, More Songs About Weed And Toxic Relationships.

The EP is inspired by the past two years of her life: all the breakups, the makeups, the drugs, the dancing, the crying, the anxiety and the
love. ALL OF IT. She is unfiltered, unapologetic. Her honesty is as risky as her music. “There are no secret messages on the EP, no hidden meaning. It says what it means and it means what it says. And so do I.”

Performing the songs from More Songs About Weed And Toxic Relationships has taught her so much about what being an artist really means and the impact you can have on people. The songs give her the opportunity to create an experience for the audience that they can relate to and that stays with them long after the show is over. “One of my biggest strengths is my affinity for everything real,” Casey says. “I look mad when I’m mad, I look pretty when I feel pretty, I look ugly when I feel ugly.”

She decided to really dig into feminine rage with these songs. It’s an intimate emotion that most people (especially women) only show to the people they think can handle it. The EP was created with JUNO nominated producer Mike Schlosser. The EP was recorded at Schlosser’s home studio, Velveteen Music in Edmonton, and Revolution Recording in Toronto. While writing and recording this EP, Schlosser and Casey worked a lot on voice control. Casey had had some vocal training, but what she and Schlosser did was almost like learning how “not to sing.” Schlosser showed her how to make her voice sound the way she wanted it to without using any production tools and it changed the
way she wrote, recorded and performed music. When she flew home that week, Casey knew exactly the kind of music she wanted to release into the world.

So, who the fuck is Sam Casey? Like the title of her recent single: I’m fucking Sam. That’s who.




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