His father had it, his older brother had it, and the artist who would eventually be known as S-ONE definitely had it. That “it” we’re talking about? An intense love of music. As a child in Jamaica, while most other children played with toys, S-ONE was drawn to his father’s records and expensive sound equipment. When no one was looking, he’d put his father’s records on a turntable, and manually spin the discs under the player’s needle so that he could hear the faint melodies trapped in their grooves.

Nothing his father did could stop the young S-ONE from getting that early fix for his favourite melodies. Hiding the records didn’t work, and re-labeling them didn’t work either. S-One was like a moth, and his love of music was a flame.

It’s no surprise then, that when S-ONE and his father immigrated to Canada, this flame would grow into an inferno. The catalyst was his older brother introducing him to hip-hop. Artists like Public Enemy, EPMD and Digital Underground opened S-ONE’s eyes to a new world and started him down a path that continues to this day.

Throughout his career he embraced the elements of hip hop and flawlessly weaving each component into a style that is uniquely his. It was clear when he started out as a competitive hip-hop dancer and grew as he cultivated a persona as a crowd-pleasing DJ, a mesmerizing emcee and a genre-bending producer who creates infectious beats for other artists.

The determination and ingenuity that saw S-ONE pulling melodies from wax with his bare hands as a child are what listeners will find today in his music. As a DJ, S-ONE knows how to control a party. He’s dominated the night club and party scene from the east to west end, the Greater Toronto Area and is continuing to grow his audience beyond the city and the country as he tours and shares his love of music with crowds everywhere. S-ONE is also a creator of head-nodding beats, infectious lyrics, and a singular style that has earned him glowing reviews, multiple awards and growing legion of loyal fans.




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