Riley Michaels


Introducing Riley Michaels, a rising star in the world of Pop Rock. With recent achievements that include sharing the stage with Canadian legends like Kim Mitchell, Big Wreck, Danko Jones, Honeymoon Suite, and many more, Riley Michaels is making waves in the music industry.

As a 2-time Niagara Music Awards winner, Riley Michaels has proven time and time again that his talent is undeniable. His captivating performances have graced various festivals and concert halls all over North America, leaving audiences in awe of his musical prowess.

Drawing inspiration from iconic artists such as John Mayer and Prince, Riley Michaels has developed a unique sound that blends the emotional depth of Pop with the infectious energy of Rock. His music strikes a chord with listeners, touching their hearts and moving their souls.

With a magnetic stage presence and a voice that resonates with pure emotion, Riley Michaels has garnered a loyal and growing fanbase. His powerful lyrics and catchy melodies have the ability to transport listeners to another world, making them feel every word and every note.

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