Phillip Vonesh


Toronto-born Phillip Vonesh is an artist who follows his heart wherever it takes him. Leading him to extended stays on Toronto Island, Montreal and Mexico City. Vonesh’s writing style is evocative and vulnerable. His strength is the ability to combine his folk influence with an uncanny prowess to write a rock hook.

If Only For The Night (June 16, 2023) is the latest album from the singer-songwriter. The album’s eight songs tell stories of hard goodbyes, frustration, depression, moving forward and ultimately coming to terms with all of it. This is the third album from Vonesh – Lost Our Way (2019), Cold Hands / Warm Heart (2020) – and is his most deeply personal. It is an attempt to put all of one’s self into an album, to share freely and hope for connection.

This album is an existential crisis. A reckless foray into self-serving artistic pursuits. A compulsion to turn one’s time, energy, anxiousness, stress, thought, love and emotion into music and commit it to tape.




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