Orson Wilds


Orson Wilds is an indie rock band from Toronto, Ontario formed in 2019. The band’s sound combines elements of punk, folk and rock to create something that is both intimate and expansive. Their debut EP “WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WON’T LET GO?”, released in late 2021 combines a mixture of both hope and grief, chronicling the bands experience with the loss as well as trying to remain hopeful. A trademark of the band’s sound; upon first listening the songs are uplifting but upon closer listening, a deep melancholy runs through them.

As a live act Orson Wilds can range from six to nine members including trumpet, saxophone and violin. The two lead singers Eric and Brianna both offer a contrasting sound with Eric’s passionate and raw vocal and Brianna’s smoother softer tones, to create something instantly recognizable as their own. The song’s often break into gang vocal sing-along choruses that are rounded out by the band.




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