Nora- 24 year old mixed race punk rock / post punk / shoegaze/ post rock / soft grunge/ surf rock artist from toronto ontario. Braeden, the founder and main creator in nora started playing in his first band at around 12 years old. At 12 years old his father left and he was raised solely by his mother and sister. His mom working late hours almost everyday and his sister moving away for university. Braeden found himself constantly alone and the only way he knew to pass time that didnt involve him getting in trouble, was skateboarding and writing poems/ making songs. From the time of 12 years old Braeden was involved in many different projects and at around 23 years old he dropped first ep as NORA “strange to bloom” it received a small amount of international attention , currently at almost 500k streams organically. Shortly after he met David Carione who then joined NORA and since the release of “strange to bloom” they have played the opera house with kenny hoopla, headlined the drake underground, played with wicca phase springs eternal, crawlers and many more shows all in under a year as a new band. NORA has plans for another project to release in the first half of this year , as well as more singles , a tour and Braeden being casted as a lead in role in a feature film.




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