No Waves


NO WAVES is a young band formed from Montreal back 2017 when they were in their early teens. Composed of Sam Sussman (drums/vox), Angel Parra Vela (guitar/vox) and Cyril Harvin Musgni (bass). Together they create a massively energetic, raw and authentic sound that is all their own. This weirdo punk trio has become known for their all-ages events and guerrilla shows across the city. Described as “Nu-Punk” they draw from a wide variety of influences and explore all types of genres and sounds ranging from hardcore to pop without ever being afraid to leave their comfort zone. Their versatility and drive has allowed them to play with artists like NOFX, Death From Above 1979, Gulfer, Ptit Belliveau among others….

“This EP is made up of songs we wrote years ago, originally with plans of recording them before the pandemic. Since then we’ve reworked them to resemble the way we play now and to sound like the energy of our shows” – Angel




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