New Age Doom


Hailing from rain-soaked concrete forests of Vancouver BC, experimental drone metal band NEW AGE DOOM combines and contradicts its namesake genres to create a unique vision of extreme music. Led by the core duo of drummer Eric J. Breitenbach and multi-instrumentalist Greg Valou and featuring a diverse cast of guest artists from the world music, jazz and rock scenes, NEW AGE DOOM’s extended compositions confront the hopelessness that pervades the contemporary zeitgeist.

The second album from Vancouver-based experimental band NEW AGE DOOM delves into the realms of world ambient, noise and drone metal. Drummer Eric J. Breitenbach and multi-instrumentalist Greg Valou are joined by Gregory Macdonald AKA “Cola Wars” (Limblifter, Sloan) on analog synthesizer and Tim Lefebvre (Donny McCaslin, David Bowie’s Blackstar) on analog synthesizers and upright bass. The resulting record, dense with rolling percussion, lush synths and tube amplifier feedback, is a sonic dreamscape that bursts with serenity and chaos in equal measure.




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