Naghmeh is an Iranian-Canadian singer/songwriter, poet, and community organizer. She began performing as a solo artist in 2016 while living in San Francisco, and decided to abandon the corporate grind to pursue her dream of becoming a musician. Naghmeh jumped head first into the world of rock n’ roll and set off on the road over the following year with performances across Europe and South America.

After a year on the road and a few international collaborations, Naghmeh moved back to Montreal to focus on the next step of her career. She assembled a band, performed in every corner of the city, and recorded, co-produced and released her debut album, Naghmeh and the Southern Shores, in 2019. Shortly after the album release, her longtime bandmates moved to different cities which Naghmeh poetically interpreted as a sign to close that chapter. The songs had always been her personal stories, and thus came the decision to release future music as a solo artist under the name Naghmeh.

With a background in Psychology and her migration journey, she uses songwriting as a tool to heal from her own personal trauma, and to connect with others who struggle to bring a feeling to the surface. Naghmeh raises awareness for the experience of the Middle Eastern diaspora, and is doing so through the art of music.




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