As any true artist knows, a career in music is never linear. There are hills and valleys that can take you on journeys beyond what you could have ever imagined. You have to trust the process, stay authentic, and surround yourself with people that see your vision. This is the approach of Brooklyn based, singer-songwriter MSB (Micheal Sackler-Berner). From landing early sync placements on hit shows like Sons of Anarchy and Law and Order, to winning the 2022 USA Songwriting Competition (Jazz), to working with heavy hitters like Grammy Award winning Steve Jordan (Stevie Nicks, Bob Dylan) and David Kahne (Paul McCartney, Lana Del Rey), MSB has lived a life beyond what any artist could hope for – and yet somehow this is still just the beginning.

Leading with the heart wrenching “Shout Out Loud”, this album was co-written and produced with long-time friend and collaborator Nick Movshon (Amy Winehouse, The Black Keys, Bruno Mars). Deep into the pandemic, the album “Borrowed Time” was a lifeline for the two creators, as they locked themselves up in a classic New York brownstone studio and channeled their fears and uncertainties of the times. The result is an album that reflects on finding meaning and beauty amidst chaos. A self proclaimed mid-life crisis album.

Having played over 100 live shows across the US and Canada, MSB is built upon the American tradition of the rock n’ roll troubador, attracting a collective of some of North America’s greatest musicians, producers and songwriters along the way. This debut label release deserves to be heard. His honest and raw approach to his music is nothing short of refreshing – and “Shout Out Loud” is the perfect starting point.




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