Mountain Head


The enigmatic and reclusive Hannah Brothers stumbled upon a mysterious mountain in the heart of the Canadian wilderness, and what they found at the summit changed their lives forever. A shaman performed a ceremony that unlocked new depths of creativity and inspiration in the brothers, leading them to channel the spirits of Johnny Cash, Flavor Flav, and Billy Gibbons. Dressed in black denim and adorned with solid gold grills and long beards, Mountain Head emerged with a sound that blended psych-rock, alt-rock, and elements of electro-pop and jangle pop into a unique and potent sonic concoction.

Since that fateful day, Mountain Head has made a thunderous impact on the music scene as one of Canada’s most exciting and innovative independent acts. With millions of streams and multiple Top 40 billboard hits in Canada, the band has caught the attention of the Wu Tang Clan, who featured their cover of ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ya’ across all their social media platforms. Mountain Head has also been finishing music with legendary producer GGGarth Richardson and played a monstrous showcase in Hollywood for School Night.

Perhaps most impressive of all, Mountain Head continues to put on their annual charity boat-in show, drawing in excess of 1000 attendees and raising thousands of dollars and truckloads of food for the local community. Their impact has been felt far beyond their hometown, as evidenced by their recent opening slot for Nickelback at Toronto’s History for the Get Rollin album release party. With their infectious sound, look, and hooks, Mountain Head is poised to span the continent and globe, leaving a trail of mesmerized fans in their wake.




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