Mo Kenney


On their fifth studio album, ‘From Nowhere’, Mo Kenney embraces the textures of ambiguity and the rich blur of being, failing, and becoming. As they shift through lush arrangements that touch on dreamy folk, sparse alt-country, and warm, hazed-out lo-fi pop, everything is up for interpretation and nothing is fixed. In their lyrics, Kenney opts instead to defy definition, making room for non-linear and fragmentary sentiments that challenge their own feelings about personal growth, acknowledge the slippery and shadowy nature of memory, and build love songs that conjure the bonds of friendship just as much as they hint at romance.

‘From Nowhere’s’ intimate subject matter was handled with deft hands by some of Kenney’s nearest and dearest collaborators—Joel Plaskett, Rose Cousins, Victoria Cameron, Siobhan Martin, and Jordan Murphy—and recorded, mixed, and engineered by Thomas Stajcer at Plaskett’s Fang Studios in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

In contrast to its heavy predecessors, the airy ‘Love You Better’ offers a featherweight finale to From Nowhere; in earthy reverie, Kenney acknowledges their past failures and that they’re not always going to get it right, but resolves to do the only thing they can: keep trying.




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