Mike Evin


Mike Evin has been wearing his heart on his sleeve for over 15 years, writing immediate and disarming piano pop songs with adventurous melodies that live inside you. His new single, the propulsive “The Ham In You”, builds on the vulnerable end-of-relationship theme introduced with his previous single, “I Almost Called You Babe”. But this time Evin is injecting some of the levity his fans have come to love in his music.

Written just two days after “Babe”, the song is a companion piece of sorts; the light to “Babe”’s dark. But underneath the song’s breezy vibe of love and support is a clown who is crying. It’s a bittersweet ode to wishing your ex-partner well, all the while trying to appreciate what was had and mourn what was lost.

Choosing not to mess with the power of Evin’s live-off-the-floor piano and vocal take, all that was added was a sturdy upright bass, earthy percussion and stacked harmonies. The track is both a departure and a return for Evin — though he often performs solo in concert, this is the first time he’s captured that energy on record. No clicktrack. No headphones. Producer Chris Stringer and Evin were going for emotion over perfection.

Based in Toronto, Evin has developed a devoted fan base throughout North America and the UK. His honest and harmonically rich music has also made him a favourite among some of Canada’s most renowned musicians — like Barenaked Ladies and Ron Sexsmith. Originally from Montreal, Evin first gained exposure in 2005 with the vibrant and critically acclaimed I’ll Bring The Stereo, co-produced by Jim and Andy Creeggan of Barenaked Ladies fame. Since then he’s made a whole range of diverse albums. He’s toured and shared stages with BNL, Sarah Harmer, Sexsmith, Dan Mangan and Martha Wainwright, and his music has charted on CBC and Sirius XM.

Perhaps Evin’s spirit can be best described by his friend and close collaborator, Barenaked Ladies’ bassist Jim Creeggan: “Mike Evin taps into what motivates people and champions the search for happiness.”




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