Mike Evin


‘Never lose the romance’ – it’s a lyric from Mike Evin’s new song, “Recovering Romantic”, but it’s also a reflection on why he keeps making music. The Canadian piano pop tunesmith has been steadily building a loyal following across North America and beyond for over ten years, yet his new music has the feel of an artist still out to discover something fresh and honest and connect with a wider audience.

“Recovering Romantic” has an undeniable groove, rich with Afro-Latin drums, percussion and a catchy syncopated piano hook. The performance is organic, a throwback to when they made danceable pop music without the aid of computers. The lyrics capture the vulnerability, danger and beauty of falling in love. It was written in New Orleans, where Evin was living for a spell. Howie Beck (Charlotte Day Wilson, River Tiber) produced the track and manages to make it sound contemporary, classic and elusive all at once.

Evin has independently released five albums and two EP’s, and his champions include Barenaked Ladies, Ron Sexsmith and Australia’s Ben Lee. CBC Music called Evin the “next big thing”, and the lead single from his fifth full-length album Life As A Lover, “Have I Ever Loved?”, was among the Top 20 most played songs of 2015 on Sirius XM’s CBC Sonica. In 2017, Barenaked Ladies brought him out to support their US theatre tour, and he’s also shared stages with Sexsmith, Dan Mangan and Sarah Harmer. Fans love the spontaneity and energy of his live shows.

Mike Evin’s music is a modern spin on the classic piano pop of Billy Joel and Joe Jackson, and he’s been mentioned with Ben Folds and Jason Mraz. But he has a distinct voice – a heartfelt reflection of the human experience. His time spent in Cuba, New Orleans and the Aniishnaabe community of Manitoulin Island have all shaped his art.

“Recovering Romantic” is out on January 25, 2019, and it’s the lead single from Evin’s sixth album, Evin On Earth, due later this year.


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