Miel Azevedo


Miel Azevedo is a nonbinary artist and musician hailing from Toronto who is currently based in Montreal. Their musicianship is heavily informed by their introduction to jazz and funk by life mentor and friend Dave Clark (Rheostatics) in Toronto. Dave keeps alive the essence of music and why we play it for so many youth he works with. After equipping Miel with the basics of recording, Miel went on to produce their own music, support emerging artists, and is currently working as a live sound engineer in Montreal.

Mostly self-taught, Miel recorded and produced their debut album Beginnings which was released in 2021. The songs have unexpected changes but mostly adhere to a pop song form with a jazz feel and a warm live band sound. Miel’s forthcoming EP SOFT departs from the limitations of song form traversing genres and instrumentation in a unique sound that points forward and backward at the same time. SOFT is a leap in their voice as producer as well as composer as they were able to arrange and record orchestral arrangements for the first time with the financial support of CCA.

“Black Magick” off of Beginnings, is a song that explores the desire to connect and love someone with similar trauma. It lyrically describes dissociation post sexual trauma at a time when the writer did not have the language to name such things. SOFT reflects a place of coming to terms with what care looks and feels like, where resilience can be found, and reaches towards a softness that is not torn open by constantly being on the brink of abusive cycles.




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