Based in Montreal, Maze is a singer, songwriter, producer and sound engineer who started music driven by an old passion for videography. She aspires to fuse many of her favorite genres, from the alternative-rock her parents listened to when she grew up to the music she danced on in her teenage years, creating a mix of alternative, electronic, hip-hop and afrobeats. Her love for producing started early in her career and she quickly developed an identity, with minimalist production, audio samples of her own voice and driving basses. Her unique sound and hypnotizing universe has landed her placements on Samsung, Netflix, BBC, as well as working as a music producer for the latest SOCAN and Universal Music camps. In addition, she edits all of her music videos as she was once a freelancer in the video industry. This year, Maze had the support of the CALQ and Sirius XM and collaborated with High Klassified and Loop session as a producer, and was nominated in the top 10 of the producer TRAKGIRL in collaboration with Aiaiai audio. After 4 EPs and many singles, she was nominated for the upcoming artist of the year by Culture Laval. Completely independent, Maze has slowly made a name for herself in the local Montreal music scene with her dark and mysterious persona and her mix of alternative and electro-pop music featuring elements of hip-hop, trip-hop and cinematic sounds.

Before her music career, Maze was a competitive hip-hop dancer and strives to keep those roots alive with her passionate and driving performances, both live and in her visuals. She also is an avid fashion designer, and loves to sew. She always makes sure to have a custom piece of clothing for all her live shows as well as her music videos. Growing up in studios, she now masters the art of working as a music producer for other artists such as Tianda, Blynk, Grae, Edwin Raphael, Pelch, Geoffroy and many more. She hopes she can inspire other female producers to start doing their own productions and mixes.




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