MAYSUN offers immersive instrumental music that evokes melancholy, acceptance and hope. This project combines drums, synthesizers and sound design to create a universe where the digital and the organic merge. Releases include works such as All these are the days (2016), The Field of Living (2016), Sun & Ice (2017), The After Mountain (2020), Waiting Spaces (2020) and more than 600 improvisational pieces between 2017 and 2021.

MAYSUN’s work explores the relationship between the temporality and spatiality of sound. This project is based around the use of sounds from real life environments and transforming them into musical tones to be used in the creation of soundscapes. The sounds sampled are transformed using tape cassette, physical spaces, modular synthesis, feedback and effect pedals. This allows the sound to be altered in pitch spliced and stretched, adding imperfections and artifacts along the way. The compositions are created as if they were soundtracks to life events. This process aims to add depth to the listening experience by giving a sense of time and space throughout the music.




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