Matt Zaddy


With a sound that seamlessly blends folk-rock and modern soul, there’s something for every music fan to love about singer/songwriter Matt Zaddy. His latest single What Comes Around continues to build on the success of his 2019 album, Be.

For this newest single, Zaddy’s went back in the studio with his long-time producer, Emmy award wining/Juno Nominated Ross Citrullo (The Sheepdogs, Julian Taylor Band, Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar). Together with Ross’ own version of the “Wrecking Crew”, and Matt’s partner in life and Music, Heather Chirstine, this team of heavy hitters led to the high-energy result that is What Comes Around.

A clear blend of Zaddy’s trademark Folk Rock and Rhythm & Blues, this song catches the listener right away with catchy guitar and organ hooks, raw and dynamic vocals, and an unforgettable groove. It feels vintage and modern, grass roots and pop. It has range.

“Have you ever noticed how when you’re busy during the day, you don’t think about the big questions until all the work is done?” he asks. “I find that with myself a lot. I stay busy as part of how I work, but also as a way to not always deal with the hard questions. When the day is done, and I have time to think, my mind goes to, ‘What does it all mean?’ or ‘What am I doing with my life?’, or something like that. I have to take some time to remember why I do what I do, and to see past the adversity we all experience as part of life. I take it all in, focus on the positive, try to get a good night’s sleep, and wake up to fight another day to do what I love. This song almost feels like a conversation I’m having with myself in the mirror, or with my partner.”

Zaddy’s introspective lyrics shine in this song as something that anyone who has worked hard to do what they love can relate to: love for the craft, self-doubt, perseverance, and hope.

Zaddy is no stranger to hard work. His previous forays have taken him across Canada, while he’s been celebrated at home with “We Are The North,” a song he co-wrote that was chosen as Mississauga, Ontario’s official anthem for its #Canada150 celebrations. One of those was the Canada Day extravaganza where he shared the stage with K’Naan, part of the diverse array of artists Zaddy has appeared with, including: Francesco Yates, Tom Cochrane, Jim Cuddy, The Trews, Cowboy Junkies, 5440, Atlas Genius and Haviah Mighty.

It may come as a surprise that Zaddy first entered the music scene playing progressive death metal, as the bandleader and songwriter for Starring Janet Leigh (Ironclad Recordings / Metal Blade Records). But as he’s reinvented himself, it’s been with the intention to connect with as many listeners as possible, regardless of any genre restrictions.
“I truly hope that this album inspires people to do that little bit extra to make a real impact on those around us, and ultimately the world itself,” he says. “It’s a ripple effect; imagine what kind of world we could create if we all just did a little of that every day? It gives me hope to think of that possibility.”

Matt will be performing across Ontario and Canada throughout 2023 in support of his new single.




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