Matías Roden


Matías Roden is a Peruvian-Canadian singer-songwriter living in Vancouver. After performing in cover bands and writing for others in the city’s indie pop scene (including landing college radio play for one of his cuts), Matías began developing his own material as an artist. Drawing from classic British synth-pop (including Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears and Pet Shop Boys) combined with a modern, sample-based production sensibility, and with unflinchingly personal lyrics that delve into struggles with mental health, his unique childhood of growing up between vastly different cultures (the UK and Peru), and experiences as a gay and queer youth, he wrote and produced over a dozen demos in his makeshift bedroom studio. His demos caught the attention of acclaimed singer/songwriter/producer Louise Burns, and shortly after he was signed to Vancouver’s Light Organ Records/604 Records.After performing at a sold-out show at the Fox Cabaret last year alongside BC-based Louise Burns and Devours, he released his first single, “Snow Angel”, in November 2023, and his debut EP is expected early summer this year.




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