Mary Clements


“I really wanted this album to feel like a warm and welcoming personal invitation,” says the Canadian singer-songwriter, Mary Clements, about her first studio album entitled, Come with Me.

With songs rooted in piano and voice, she uses both English and French lyrics to sincerely extend this invitation to listeners. “Connection is the most special feeling and powerful tool that I hope to create more instances of through my music,” says Clements.

In the line from the title track, “Mes secrets et mes rêves, partager avec vous c’est mon privilège,” she expresses the privilege of sharing her music with an audience which she explains that she does not take lightly. “When someone takes time to listen to my music, I do not take this for granted. They’ve now shared an intimate moment with me which creates a connection. To me, there’s nothing more special and powerful in life than feeling connected to each other so they have given me a great gift. Together, I hope we can create and multiply more of these moments in the world,” Clements discusses sincerely.

Based out of Hamilton, Ontario, Clements draws her inspiration from the world around her. This includes Les Petites Pommes, an award-winning French education company which she founded in 2009 as a place for students to feel happy and confident learning French. Music and French have both impacted Clement’s life greatly, which is reflected in her post-secondary choices of completing a double major from McMaster University in both French and Music, with a focus on classical voice.

Clements’ radiant and rich vocals are showcased on this album through her sincere and poetic lyrics. This combined with the textures of her arrangements equals a unique and fresh musical experience that is curious and innovative but approachable. Be sure to check out Come with Me, her first studio album coming out this November 2022.




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