Marthe Halvorsen is a Montreal based Norwegian artist and composer who weaves together dreamy evocative Indie Folk Music. With a unique sincerity in her voice, Marthe Halvorsen has a special ability to touch something deep inside the listener. Having grown up in Arctic Norway, nature has always been an important source of inspiration in her music. The spaciousness and the raw unpolished landscapes of the north can be traced in her sense of songwriting and taste in music production. With a love for a minimalistic and an unpolished sound, Marthe seeks to write songs that carry an intention and that comes from an authentic place within herself. Serving as a tool for reflection and connection.

Marthe Halvorsen is currently finishing the work on her second full length album ‘For the Dreamers & the Bold’, supported by Canada Council of the Arts and FACTOR Canada. On her latest album, Marthe has been diving deeper into the role as a producer, perfecting the crafting of her very own sound. The album has been recorded in both Canada and Norway and is planned to be released in the spring of 2023.




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