Mandolynne is an emerging indie-alternative artist from Hamilton, Ontario. Her unique, soulful tone floats over instrumentals like a moody wave. For lovers of Metric, Sharon Van Etten, Cat Power and Placebo, her music is sure to resonate.

From a young age, Mandolynne was met with a string of tragedies and used writing as a tactile way to explore her dark thoughts and verbalize her internal reactions to her surroundings. Her lyrics are a direct reflection of her lived experiences and have enabled her to face many demons, including sexual assaults, a tragic car accident, as
well as her troubled upbringing. Mandolynne uses each piece as a way to process these events and has found healing during the process. Her raw and pointed approach to her upcoming project may help others to explore such thoughts and shared lived experiences within themselves.

Currently, Mandolynne is working on her debut E.P. that is a reflection of her trauma, survival, and uprising




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