David Lotey-Goodman, better known as Lowgo, is a 23-year-old electronic music producer whose background as a jazz pianist sets him apart from the crowd. His deep passion for music began at two years old, when his parents offered him a small toy keyboard as a gift. This set him on a lifelong path of musical exploration. He went on to spend the majority of his youth taking piano lessons and performing with a number of bands and Jazz ensembles. Eventually, acts such as Flume and Kanye West drew him into the world of music production, which he has been a part of ever since. His experimentation with music software has led him to develop a unique style, using both traditional and innovative musical techniques. He combines his knowledge of jazz chord progressions with contemporary song structures, shaping an unmistakable sound.

Today, his notable released collaborations include Lou Phelps, Veggi, Speng Squire, Mosey (Pierre Sarkozy), Kris the $pirit, Benita, Jayde, Tibe, Jonathan Emile and more. Today, Lowgo continues to collaborate with various artists around the world such as Zach Zoya, PT, CJ Flemmings, Clerel and Joseph Tilley, with no plans on stopping.




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