Lot D


Lot D is an electronic producer & DJ living in Toronto, Canada who primarily focuses on house music production or instrumentals for other artists. His love for electronic music was first ignited mainly by his older brother who was a product of the 90’s rave scene in Canada. He recalls riding around in the back seat of his brothers ‘87 Cougar bouncing off the sub next to him blaring DJ Freaky Flow’s “Obscene Underground Vol 1: Tits”. From then onwards he was always drawn to electronic music and moreover sub bass which was evident by his love of early Dubstep in the late 2000’s while in highschool. Most of his friends were interested in Mac Miller or Wiz Khalifa, but if you were in his subwoofer stacked car you would be subject to the low end of Loefah, Skream, DJ Hatcha & Rusko. This musical movement’s influence can still be heard in his present productions, often bass driven, dancefloor-centric tracks.

From an early age Lot D was enrolled in piano lessons, then later guitar lessons which eventually inspired him to form a band with some highschool friends. It wasn’t until the actual recording phase of making music that he realized his passion for production. This eventually lead him to briefly move to LA to attend his longtime friend & mentors music production academy which allowed him to shadow industry leaders and learn more about the industry itself. Once returning home to Edmonton he landed a job at a music school & studio teaching digital music production and working as a recording engineer.

It wasn’t until 2013 when Lot D landed his first “proper” DJ gig in Edmonton, opening for Ferry Corsten. Admititley, he was out of his depth having mainly focused on spinning Dubstep, Trap & Hip-Hop, now having to switch gears into an opening set for a Trance great. This set led to more opening gigs for predominantly house DJ’s which ignited a deep understanding & eventual passion for the genre. “I feel most at home when I am producing a 4 on the floor track. I mean, it’s pretty simple on the surface level, just throw down 4 kicks and the complexity forms from there.” But the love of low-end shines through in every house-centric production in recent, thinking dancefloor & soundsystem culture as primary, everything else is secondary.




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